Your Goals: How to Set & Achieve Your 2021 Goals


How often is it heard? Repeating this, year after year, every second one of us shows a smile on our lips, and around mid-January, we hear the first jokes about the New Year's resolutions, which has already suffered a fiasco. You all will agree that we start to actively “bake” our goals on New Year's Eve and we are determined to dedicate a whole year to complete our goals, but more than often we are gradually forgetting and quitting them at the very beginning of the year.


For this reason, we have prepared a strategy to FINALLY get what we want.

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Let's start with the fact that any beginning, especially one that has officially started and applies to all world processes, is one of the main sources of motivation. For example, a company that has committed to improving financial performance or a mom who wants to start cooking more for her loved ones. Regardless of our current or future goals, the New Year inspires us to want, to hope, and to dream.


Why don’t use this important time marker to stop dreaming and to take an action instead!

Desire, determination, and dreaming are integral parts of the goal because HOW ELSE WILL WE KNOW WHAT WE WANT IF WE CAN'T IMAGINE IT? Undoubtedly, this is a promising start, but it’s ONLY a start, and that is not enough!


Is a goal always a goal?

The moment of risk begins and ends in process of goal setting. The way how we formulate a goal often may deceive us, even without realizing it.

The problem arises when a goal is smoothly replaced by false goals - promises, resolutions, and wishes. These dodgers often set real goals on the reserve bench, even though they all should play in a team.

You will ask, who are they? As we have already found out, of course, promises, resolutions, and wishes are important stages when we start new things, but in the reality, they don’t have the "characteristics" of the goal. For example, I promise myself that I will start to do sports, I commit to waking up earlier in the morning and I want to overcome the desire for sweets.

These may seem like perfectly logical and realistic examples, but each example is meaningless because it lacks the most important part ( - and guess what is that!?) - purpose.

Making a promise to ourselves is much easier than to actually do it. We promise ourselves countless things all the time, but how many of us can raise our hands that we really keep them? This trio of dodgers does not have any system which could make sense to fulfill them. Also, they don’t make us happy and this is one of the reasons why we quit doing our promises in a few days or weeks. (To wake up without any reason every morning at 7:30 and be happy about it? I don’t think so!)


In this case... What exactly is the goal? 

A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person or a group of people envision, plan, and commit to achieving. This is a definition of E.Lock (a pioneer in Goal-setting theory) and we can not disagree, right?
A simple promise, commitment, or wish is not the goal. These are the stages that may become a real goal only by playing in a team.


Let's grab the New Year's bull by the horns

and transform our promises, ideas, and desires into real goals.

For example, my goals for 2021 are to spend 30 - 60 minutes on sports three times a week, to exclude Nutella from my daily menu (except Sunday, because giving up something that makes almost the entire weekly menu, should be done gradually), and to wake up earlier in the morning to start the working day earlier and finish it also earlier. (emoticon - smile with teeth)

Of course, it is up to us if we will reach the top of our goals, but the correct formulation of the goal is already a 50% success to start its fulfillment.


We have a plan!

The main condition to achieve goals set on New Year’s Eve or other time of the day - they must be meaningful and placed in front of you. The next condition - goals must be achievable and set as everyday tasks. Also, great attention should be paid to goal planning. The last condition is to keep your motivation in shape and not to be afraid of failure. The way to the goal is a psychological and physical challenge, and not always pleasant. But by maintaining motivation and not being afraid of both pleasant and unpleasant surprises, this stage of the road can certainly be successful.

This is the right time for a change, so right now let’s stop dreaming and let’s take an action.

Do you feel inspired? Me too!


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