YOU AGAINST YOUR MIND: Forming new habits (PART 1)


Have you ever had an inner argument with yourself? Sounds familiar? 

Maybe you can remember a moment in which you were trying to make the right decision, but your mind was shifting from one decision to another. Why is it so hard to make decisions in which you only have to say a simple “yes” or a simple “no”. And then you might remember yourself wondering about some past decisions that you truly wish you could change and choose the other decision at that time.

Can we always make the right decision?

If only life and decision making could be that easy, right? But, maybe it is? What we know about our minds is actually very limited. But we know that we have 2 minds - Subconscious and Conscious.

Subconscious - Examples of your subconscious are memories, beliefs, fears and subjective maps of reality. The thing with your unconscious mind is it's very powerful and can, without your awareness, direct the course of what you do in your life. In other words, this is your habit mind. This mind learns through repetition and is responsible for our daily routines and habits.

Conscious - Conscious is a Latin word whose original meaning was “knowing" or "aware.” So a conscious person has an awareness of her environment and her own existence and thoughts. If you're "self-conscious," you're overly aware and even embarrassed by how you think you look or act. In other words, this is the thinking mind.

So, where does the inner argument start?

As written above, both minds are operating in different ways. Subconscious mind KNOWS everything you do daily. It KNOWS everything about you - what you like and what you dislike. It is ALWAYS working and never sleeps. And because it's our habit mind, it gets frustrated when you act against your habits. In other words, if you start to change your daily routine or you're about to make some life-changing decision, this mind starts to go C R A Z Y.

  Like mentioned before, the subconscious mind is responsible for our memories, beliefs, fears and our subjective maps of reality. And those usually are the things and events that have repeated a lot of times in your life or YOU have been repeating them for a long time.  Because of that, it will ALWAYS act protective, if you're about to make some changes. Because that is what the subconscious mind knows - everything you have repeated many times. And that feels like normal for the mind. In a way this mind feels comfortable in those situations where you make no changes and keep on doing what you do every day.

But don't be scared. It is ok! All we need to do now is to RE-PROGRAM the subconscious mind with new beliefs, new memories, less fear and a completely new perception of reality.

This is where the conscious mind comes into place. As written above, our conscious mind is the mind that is aware of our surroundings. This is the mind that observes and analyzes everything around us.


Both of these minds communicate with each other. When you willingly think or repeat some actions with full awareness, you create new memories that go into your subconscious mind and form new beliefs and/or new fears and perceptions of reality. This is how we form new habits. But it will take some time to fully reprogram the subconscious mind and your new habits need to REPLACE the old ones.


What you need to do is CHALLENGE YOURSELF and get out of the comfort zone - start exploring new things. Think about what you want to do, go ahead and DO IT! Don't be afraid of changes, realize that fear and doubt is our body's NATURAL response when we start something new.

In PART 2, we are going to discuss more about how we can exercise our minds and make them work TOGETHER. 

Let's get back soon, 

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Davis


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