Working "office hours" and still achieving goals

Most of people have personal goals and yet most of people work regular office hours from 8am till 5pm. Question arises, when thinking how to succeed and crush them both!

Of course, it comes with 8 hours of sitting in front of the computer. A sedentary lifestyle is often encountered by the modern ally as we are accustomed to go to work by public transport or car, sit for 8 hours, then go home by public transport or car, do homework and spend the evening relaxing with 'netflix & chill'.

But would you believe me, if I say that you can also achieve your fitness goal(s) by working office hours?

Would you believe me if I told you that you can walk at least 10 000 - 15 000 steps a day, do at least 20 minutes of training, plan your day and meals like never before?


In my daily life, I am a lawyer and my working days often look as described above. When I turned to a healthy and active lifestyle, I implemented some simple, yet effective methods into my daily life routine as I made my daily life more active. 

First, I started going to work by foot. My work is 4km away from home and it takes me 50 minutes one way. On days when I’m late (yes, I am a woman and it happens) and cannot get to work on time - I get in to the public transport, but I get off couple of stops before my final stop to move a little more.
Secondly, I always have a 1L bottle of water with me so that I drink the amount of water my body needs during the day. It also ensures that I have to go to the toilet regularly and this leads us to the third tip on how to put more movement into my life and that is - find the farthest toilet in your workplace to collect extra steps on a daily basis.

Many of you may say that even if you implement these steps in your daily life, you will still not be able to achieve the goal(s) you have set.

Therefore, my fourth recommendation is to re-think your personal priorities. Trying to find what are the things that steal my time daily -  maybe it is social media? Netflix TV shows? Tik Tok, IG? There is definitely something in your daily life that deprives you of time that you can use to get closer to your goals.
From my very own experience, sometimes I set my goal(s) way tooooo far in the future. This makes me lose the focus and motivation to reach them, as at some point they seem to get unattainable right now (yes, we women want it all, right here, right now). BUT HEY! Start slowly. Set yourself a goal - a week to go to work on foot. After another week - try to get up an hour earlier so that you can spend time with yourself in silence before the day actively starts and plan the to-do list for the day. And then, after another week - try to go for a walk every night before going to bed!

Eventually, these small steps will help you to move towards a better version of yourself! Just envision yourself and how you feel, when you have actually been able to accomplish some of these little things! And this way, you will also achieve your fitness goals, even if you are working your (awesome) office hours!

See you soon,

MyEMS Fitness Online Team 

Instructor Marta



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