Why ready meal plans work poorly for long-term progress (PART 2)

Hello and nice to see you back! 
Those were real and experience based reasons.
Instead, we learned and use few things consistently DAILY that prove effectiveness in a longer term  realistically.
Here are 4 practical ideas HOW TO slowly switch mindset:  
  1. After waking-up, enjoy the feeling of slowly drinking 1L of water. If you ask - "HOW can I get that much in?!" 5 years ago this was really hard, I (author & instructor Ruta) will not lie here - I honestly hated drinking water, could not drink it. But this is more a mindset game and it started slowly by adding one, two glasses of water over certain time, so this is a process but right now this has become a morning habit.
  2. Don’t rush for breakfast if you are not hungry right away! Eat when you feel sense of hunger, especially in the mornings. Not because knowing that breakfast is day’s most important meal! Turns out, that it is possible to naturally shift to intermittent fasting even before knowing this term years ago. But oh my, what a taste the food has then… Don't you agree? Hunger is a physiological need BUT appetite is a psychological desire, so trying to follow the first one. is some kind of art This takes time to practise, but makes huge difference for staying lifestyle. For example, if you are up for protein+veggie meal that is a hunger, but if you smell a good food and want to taste - that is appetite.
  3. Eating quality foods in different combinations that you LOVE and you know their high nutritional values! Eating routine does not involve certain meal plans because they move often backwards not forwards. It happens, because you still don't have tools (yet) to analyze and understand how rational and tasty eating is built.
  4. Try eating slowly to reach first satiety signals - listen to your body. We like principle from Dr. Karen Moore - when you take a bite to your mouth, you put the fork down back to plate before getting next one. This is one more practical way to slow the whole process down! 
 We hope you find these tips useful and gives you some brain-food! 
MyEMS Fitness Online Team

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