Why ready meal plans work poorly for long-term progress (PART 1)

4 REASONS WHY (part 1)  and 4 PRACTICAL IDEAS HOW (part 2) to switch mindset. Very honest, experience-based stories from our Personal training studio. We are going through this c o n s t a n t l y and we hear REAL PEOPLE AND THEIR STORIES. 

Quite often at MyEMS people who are our members or visit us, have somewhere in past tried different ready-made meal plans and the majority just kept falling back to where they were or even getting at worse state, unfortunately.

However, people still ask for ready meal programs! And we can admit, it sounds pretty appealing when we know that we want to lose/gain/maintain our weight and someone serves us right away. Here’s the WORST OUTCOME - confusion before buying and after stays the same! Really seldom this leads to an understanding of WHY I EAT THIS AND HOW CAN I LEARN TO EAT, HOW TO IMPROVE DRINKING WATER?
Therefore, we think we are nearly alone in PT business who DO NOT offer ready meal plans but we give instead learning part t o g e t h e r with our people.

So, here is WHY it is kinda not the best starting point...
1. The problem - no thinking has to be involved, therefore understanding cannot be developed.

2. People start without intentions label the foods into good and/or bad ones, meaning spoiling relationships with food. At the end of the day, food calories are any food calories (energy).
3. After that stage, into the game comes restrictions about certain foods and you start to have a weird feeling (guilt?) by falling off from your set meal plan. Possible anxiety steps in. It should not be like that!

4. You do not learn how to trust yourself with food choices, for example, in the grocery store. WE WANT THAT CONFIDENCE and we deserve it, right?!
..however - ready meal-plan can be as a final point when thorough understanding is in place and you feel confident!

See you soon in the next post where we go through 4 practical ideas that can be used daily for slow, long-lasting habitual changes.
MyEMS Fitness Online Team

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