?--> What’s the easiest way to get a six-pack at the gym?
!--> Take the beer from your fridge and smuggle it in. 

We hope this made you laugh a little bit. Did you laugh? If not, then you should better start to laugh more, because laughter is one of the best strategies, how to keep yourself in a good physical and mental shape, and the best part is – it’s free. 

Actually, how often do you laugh?

One study shows that the average adult laughs approximately 15 times per day, but if you could laugh more than that, you definitely would be a winner. 


Laughter plays a vital part in the release of endorphins, and the resulting euphoric feeling. 

Also, when your endorphins are kicking, your mind and body are less susceptible to pain, like the arduous pain you go through during exercise, according to the Oxford study.


Laughter provides important health benefits. Laughing is much more than just an emotional response to something funny. It’s physical and emotional fitness. Laughing exercises several muscles in the body, including your abdomen, back, shoulders, and 15 facial muscles and it may actually…  

 ...E-N-H-A-N-C-E  Y-O-U-R  W-O-R-K-O-U-T.



Studies have shown that laughter does lower blood pressure and ease the natural flow of blood through the body, improving cardiovascular strength. 

In fact, sometimes laughing might be compared to cardio exercise! Of course, low blood pressure also equates to low stress and having a stress-relieved full-body workout at the gym.


A good belly laugh exercises the diaphragm, works out the abs, and even the shoulders, leaving muscles more relaxed afterwards. 


Anyone who does cardio or weight lifting knows the essential importance of breathing technique. While you may feel somewhat out of breath during a serious laughter outburst, the process of emptying your lungs has a positive effect on the respiratory system.


Laughter reduces stress hormones and improves your mood to keep going on. Also, sharing a laugh with a personal trainer or your gym buddy, may motivate you to do much more to hit your goals and to get better results. 

Have you ever laughed till you cry and have you experienced that cleansed feeling after a good laugh? 
Yes, we have also. Laughing is one the best emotional releases in the world.


Laugh with friends. Share your funniest and craziest stories and laugh out loud together with friends. Making time for this kind of fun is as important as any other habit you keep in your life to support your health, and it's very possibly more enjoyable than most health habits as well.

Find humour in your life. Sometimes life’s frustrations may be ridiculous and silly. Instead of taking it seriously, try to laugh about it. You will avoid unnecessary stress and also give a good example for others. 

Use media. Which is the easiest way to get some dose of a laugh? MEDIA! Watch comedies, TV shows, hilarious stand-ups, scroll some jokes on Facebook and Instagram or watch entertaining vlogs on Youtube.

Don’t forget to share your recommendations with friends. You'll have something to reference and laugh about together.


While you can raise your pain threshold trying several strategies, laughter is a classical way to get in the right physical and mental state needed to push through the day— and especially a hard workout.

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