Who is Your Main Enemy, Overcoming Daily Difficulties?

Every day you have to battle with difficulties and you get a feeling that no one understands you? Welcome to the ring! In this fight you are and you will be an opponent only to yourself! 

Everyday difficulties affect absolutely everyone and if someone denies it, those are N A S T Y  L I E S.

You’ll agree that:

-           it is difficult to wake up early

-           it is difficult to catch up with all the morning work

-           it is difficult to CATCH UP

-           it is difficult not to worry

-           it is difficult to prepare dinner and to plan the next meal after a long day's work

-           it is difficult to follow a healthy lifestyle and exercise every day, 

-           especially for parents -> it is difficult if at the bottom of all those listed "difficulties" are hanging hundreds more “difficulties” around children, 

-           it is difficult to find or maintain motivation,

-           it is difficult not to give up

and if any of these everyday "difficulties" don't seem too difficult to someone (well, at least from time to time), then we take our hat off, because you are probably one of the few in the world.


This time we have to return this question as a boomerang. We don’t have one and the right answer, because the real answer is in you. Harshly, but truly, all the listed difficulties are created by us or you, so you are the only one who will be able to overcome these difficulties in your own way.

When we struggle with ourselves, we no longer even notice how we learn to defeat ourselves, leaving only that “i-t  w-a-s  h-a-r-d” feeling. 

When we are looking for the answers - how to force yourself to train, how to get motivation, how to learn to cook healthy meals and eat less - we do not even notice how we do workouts every day, eat less and healthier, and choose the results as motivation.

Yes, it's hard, but no one has proven that goal setting, living (and training) can be easy. Of course, everyone wants to know the cosmic secret, how to win everyday battles without the taste of difficulty, but we do not have such information yet.


We are our own allies, at the same time being our own enemies. Everyone has their own tactics, how to overcome the difficulties, so there are no universal battle bits of advice, but, as we have already mentioned, we all have times when we are dangerously approaching the threshold forward to give up.

At such moments, remind yourself why you choose to wake up early in the morning, train until you run out of strength, and instead of sitting and dreaming that someday your dreams will come true, you TAKE AN ACTION and choose to DO!  

Only you can find the energy, strength and passion to continue all the battles, but we still may encourage you:

First of all, you are doing great and if not everything goes according to plan, the movement is happening and that is the main thing! 

Second, take a look at what you've done so far! It is very valuable from time to time to sort photos on your phone, remembering how much you have done and lived through. 

Third, ask yourself, why do you overcome difficulties and daily struggles with yourself! Is it an investment in the future? Or for the well-being of the family? Are you fighting for a healthy and strong present?

Each said "BECAUSE" is the right key to overcome even the hardest battles.

Remember that any effort pays off and every battle you win is your personal benefit, automatically filling up your experience account. Perhaps daily struggles are what shape, enrich and strengthen our personalities, and talking with the words of a well-known person: "Problems in our path seem smaller when we are ready for them and realize that they will come, but also will go." 

You can feel good even if you are looking forward to having a current battle. Especially if you have a well-known opponent - YOU! 

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MyEMS and Valmiera Fitness team!


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