What wellness means to you?

What is wellness?

 We are living a time where people start to be more and more interested in their own health and performance. 

People want to be more fit, have more good years and look good.

These are good points and values but still too many believe that this takes a lot of sacrifices.

But is that true?

When you hear the word ‘diet’ you automatically think about eating broccoli with chicken for days and saying goodbye to freedom in your eating. Bread is bad and you need to be in hunger all day.

This is just a wrong image from today's extremes, even though diet is just a word for what you eat. 

But what if I would tell you that bread is healthy, you can eat carbs and you don’t need to live in hunger?

People tend to do big changes at once, for example when you hop into an extreme 4-8-week dieting program you bought online to get your summer shape on. These low-calorie challenges may look very efficient from the before and after pictures, but have you ever wondered what happens after the last picture? Most of these people ‘rebound’ so go to old habits because the change was too massive. 

This is why extreme usually does not work for too many and building your lifestyle healthier step by step is the more effective way to change your habits.

Wellness is not counting calories and killing yourself in workouts every day.

Wellness is a balanced lifestyle that removes stress instead of creating it.

 So, if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, please do not feel like this is the only way for you to be healthy. Think about what activity do you enjoy doing and how to implement that into your days. There is no one way of doing wellness, you need to feel good inside out. 

 The question is, what is wellness for you?


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