WEEKEND EATER. Who is that? 6 ways to improve it.

All week-days are going really well and food-wise we keep a good balance between the healthy meals but then...W-E-E-K-E-N-D C-O-M-E-S. Feeling like some kind of invisible restrictions walls would disappear and start looking for that mental comfort that food gives us.

Feel like that's your thing? There is really logical reasons behind this!

WE TRY TO REDUCE STRESS LEVELS AND WEEKENDS ARE LESS STRUCTURED THAN  THE WEEKDAYS. Our natural instincts for relaxing after hard workweek plays high role in mindset, also regards our personal health goals. Each of us have them - just different. But quite often people themselves sabotage these goals and we must admit - we are bad in admitting that, right?! 

Therefore, understanding why it happens and how to create and have self-consciousness is a must to move forward where you want to be! 

Things to ask yourself for the identification of the possible problems:

1. Do you eat enough daily? Strange or not, but while we are on a daily run, we tend to eat too less, skip the meals, just drink a coffee instead of satisfying hunger with real quality food. And when the evenings and weekends come, our bodies and minds know how to ask its' own energy share that it has been missing. And BOOM - you overstuffed yourself full! Physical bloating starts here.

2. How strict are your eating habits? Maybe they are TOO strict. Maybe you shall start skipping words like 'cheat meal' (these turn into 'cheat-days' actually), 'I can't eat it', 'I will need to burn same calories I just ate'.  And when 'cheat days' happen after really strict workweek, people tend to go to strict routines (not eating enough and over-training) again in next 5 days. So the circle never stops!

3. Are you consistent daily? Physical hunger is the moment and body state, where you just cannot eat mindfully anymore. This happens when we do not eat consistently throughout the day. Being consistent will give you more self-control and possibility to  avoid compulsive over-eating that way too often leads to weight gaining.

4. How socializing with others influence you? Not a secret that socializing often comes with including alcohol and calorie rich snacks. On top of that, we tend to go to eat after few drinks and that's how it all ads up in bigger picture. Maybe trying to set own limits for one or another thing.

5. Have I created a new habit? Food journal might give you a glance at that if you are not sure. We cannot change things we don't know about. Sometimes small eating habits change and we don't take it seriously, although 'that small' thing can have ridiculous impact! 

6. MOST IMPORTANT: Do I need a weekend routine? YES, almost all of us need that. For example, plan it out a bit. Make the exercise as a mandatory investment into yourself on Saturdays and Sundays. If you tend to train more on weekdays already on really busy schedule, a shift in your calendar might give you less stressful weekdays. On top of that remember: on busy days we already move more. Maybe on the weekdays include a light run or longer walks!

If you know that you're going out to eat to restaurant on the weekend or have Netflix & pizza evening at home, eat lighter breakfast and lunch by focusing mainly on protein and vegetable sources and drink plenty of pure water. Carbs and fats are the ones that you will get in wild richness while eating out! For pizza evenings, buy ready pizza in package because you will see from nutritional values labels how much this pizza holds fats, for example!


Stay healthy and happy! :)

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Ruta


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