Understanding my body type / somatotypes – what’s that and am I one of them? (PART 1)

Probably you have heard multiple times that our bodies are unique but still they are divided into certain body types.


So…What’s that?🤔 Simplified explanation – way of a visual diagnostics of generalized body types.

Can you always get a true answer from this diagnostics? Yes and no. It can be a tool that helps to determine to get more clear about the certain body type and tell few things regarding (possible) genetics side.

There are quite many these somatotypes, but mainly used ones are 3 – endomorph, mesomorph, ectomorph. However, funny fact – once upon a time in 1940s, one smart guy Sheldon made up these types to explain and predict a crime based on person’s body type!😄 Hard to assess  what was the level of success of this thou and how many non-guilty fell under this scientist's projection.


Let's dive into these! 

Ectomorph is considered as thin and slender, you may even sometimes think they are weaker. However, this is related to the fact that their bodies use the food at higher rate and they tend to have higher metabolic rate than other types. Ectomorphs are taller, they have longer neck line and less of under-skin fat layer. For this type is quite hard to gain significant muscle mass due to rapid “burn what they eat” right away.


Endomorphs are totally opposite of the 1st described – they appear to be rounder and they may carry overweight easier than other 2 types. Quite often, fat % can be gained (accumulated) easier and it is due to slow metabolism. This body type stores the fat at deeper level, quite slowly lose the weight but have a really good ability to gain a muscle! Quite often endomorphs are strong, have tried different diets and exercise programs to the failure and seems they cannot drop the weight.


Mesomorphs are the middle way of both above described – symmetric build of the body, wider shoulders and smaller waist and they can play around their body mass easier – either to lose or gain weight. Even if the fat % has been put up also easier, it will not be too hard to lose it eventually. All will just depend on the nutrition and chosen physical activities.


It is really important that you do not take it too much granted which one of these are you! There are even more body types that are/can be a mix and fall into other sub-group of the above described.

However, this is really interesting topic and there are several things you can keep in your mind to team-up with your body that is given to you!❤️

In PART 2 we will dig deeper and go through nutrition suggestions based on the body types!

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Ruta


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