List of ideas for physical activities/trainings!

We all have been there when we know that WE HAVE TO MOVE AND DO SOMETHING ACTIVE BUT...time to time you run out of ideas!

Therefore, we have created an idea list for boosting YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL by placing all activities that we came up with. We also have split them into 2 groups - INDOOR AND OUTDOOR.

Let's go!


Home trainings:

Other NON-training activities:

  • playing with children (play with inflatable ball volleyball - don't need too much space) and/or your pets for at least 10 minutes (includes walking around house and chasing them).
  • creating a list of to-do's for cleaning your home (dusts, vacuum cleaning, window washing, reordering your closet, doing laundry)
  • taking out trash and to go for a 10-minute walk afterwards
  • sauna (increases heart-rate)



  • jogging/walking/interval run or fitness walk
  • finding new hiking trails/walking new places in city
  • Nordic walking
  • biking (also in wintertime, just carefully!)
  • swimming/water aerobics
  • tennis, golf
  • basketball, volleyball
  • nearest stadium track and field activities
  • ice-skating, regular skating
  • on snowy hills: snowboarding, skiing

Other NON-training activities:

  • travel to other nearby cities/towns
  • gardening activities
  • shoveling the snow
  • regular walking, for example, SHOPPING!
  • outdoor games with family and/or friends
  • downhill sledge with children (and pulling them uphill again!), snowball fights, building a snowman

We hope you found some good idea! :)



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