How to stop yourself from stress eating?

We are almost sure that there is not even one human soul who hasn't heard about STRESS. If stress would be a person, it probably would use Facebook and have approximately 7 billion friends. 

Have you ever thought, how often you FEEL stressed? How often do you THINK that YOU ARE IN STRESS? How often do you SEE stress? 

According to research: 

  • 38% of people feel a lack of motivation or interest in things because of stress; 
  • 36% of people have headaches because of stress;

 There are two types of people – those who cannot look at food when they are feeling stressed and those who eat every time during stressful experiences. Which type are you? 

Of course, stress is harmful for both types, but “emotional eaters” may get in deeper trouble...


Food keeps you alive and your mind knows the importance of food, so when you find yourself in a stressful situation, the subconscious mind believes that you are in serious danger, and it is necessary to stock you up on fat to survive those difficult upcoming times, and for this, of course, you need to eat a-s m-u-c-h a-s y-o-u c-a-n.

In time you may start to overeat, manage stress through eating and even get addicted to unhealthy snacks just to survive through even the smallest stress. 


The main task seems to be obvious – YOU HAVE TO STOP STRESS, but actually, it’s not that easy. Even being extremely harmful and most of the time being a negative force in your life, at times, a little bit of stress is a helpful tool capable of boosting energy and attention. 


Stress is a natural part of your life. Your brain and your body have already adapted to stressful situations starting from your birth till today. 

In small doses, stress is fine, for example, when you see a small spider you may feel stressed, but actually, it’s nothing and your body tells: “It’s okay, don’t be afraid! You don’t have to eat that chocolate bar.” 


BUT (why there is always but?) experiencing an enormous amount of stress-related emotions at work, school, home or even feeling stressed about things you cannot change may push you to eat all this tension away. In this case, you have to find a way, how to reduce stress and not eat it away. 

 How to stop yourself from stress eating (STEP BY STEP)

  1. You have to get rid of the biggest part of your stress. Y_e_s, it’s easier to say than do, but life is not a fairytale. Nothing happens by itself. 
  2. You have to understand what causes your stress. Get yourself a notebook and spend 30 minutes a day or the moment when you caught yourself thinking about eating to write down your thoughts. For example, I eat a lot, because delicious food with its taste gives me positive emotions, opposite of my job which makes me feel unhappy and underrated. 
  3. You have to make a frank admission of the real reason which makes you a “stress eater”.
  4. After finding a reason, search for a possible solution. For example, change jobs or stop taking everything to a heart.
  5. You will be able to get to the bottom of very interesting discoveries about yourself and you will definitely find out the way to avoid that hunger caused by stress.
[Please remember, that this practice may help you to change your stress-eating habits, but if the problem is deeper you should better see a specialist. Don’t feel ashamed about it. Just focus on a better, healthier and happier life. ]


Stress has global power, but YOU CAN CONTROL IT. You don’t have to reduce stress to 0, because it may also be a helpful tool capable of boosting your energy and attention. Reduce that harmful part of stress, which makes you overeat and pushes you to make unhealthy decisions. Step by step and you are on the right track! 

P.S. You can try to boost your mood and reduce levels of stress with several MOOD FOODS. Read about 7 almost magic mood foods in our previous blog post.

Also, remember, that one of the natural antidepressants is laughter. Laughter provides a physical and emotional release, reduces stress hormones and improves your mood to keep going on. (Just check our blog post.)

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