'Fit State of Mind': SELF-ACCEPTANCE

Have you ever thought, what is the ultimate feeling and state of mind you want to be in the future, let's say few months from now on, when you reach some of your set goals? Just imagine that for a second.

When it comes to the word "fitness", I wish I would read also more about how the state of mind changes together with our bodies!

This is something that comes from understanding, accepting and loving yourself. It is not just a reflection in the mirror but also realizing where in life you stand right now and be totally ok with it.

You may be fitter than you used to be but still not satisfied 100%... OR you may not be the fittest one  in  the town anymore as you were maybe 8 months ago and that's totally ok too.
And when you ask yourself - am I still keeping myself active (physically and mentally)? The answer can be 'yes' or 'no'. And what-so-ever your reply may be at the moment, it does not even matter, unless you know it is temporary and be totally okay with it.

Things and times come and go, and if you trust your guts and inner intuition - you know it is and will be a process forever with ups & downs. So as there will be those few times when you crave for some nice, rich-flavoured full of carbohydrate and fat snack!😍 EAT IT and don't cry, JUST KEEP GOING.

LONG STORY SHORT: Accept and live to the fullest, leave regrets behind. Continue to grow your mindset. You have just one life - YOURS! 🙋Sometimes happiness is closer than we might think. 

See you in next 'Fit State of Mind' contemplation series.

Sincerely and personally from me to You,

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Ruta


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