'Fit State of Mind': MIND TRAINING

As mentioned in previous 'Fit State of Mind' contemplation serie, these are and will be  sincere and personal notes along my fitness journey.

Today's thoughts are about mind training. Why we need one?

There is no harder exercise that I've gone through like training own mind...
Of course, it is nice to be physically capable of doing thousands of things and I am grateful for that, but so much more important is to handle thousands of thoughts and emotions you're going through every single day (very honest observation).­čĺ»Especially, if you are a woman.

It has never been a secret that those who train with me physically and online, emphasizing on mind-to-body connection is crucial part of training. I teach physical elements and give tools to become more self-aware of your body's potential.

People get sensitively moved by different things... Do you know when I get goosebumps and 'warm feelings' in the heart? When I see someone's self-confidence growing when we learn some little thing. And then the  spark in the eyes talk itself for real. 
21st century 'health issues' come from our simple daily activities which we can influence, those tiny details make a difference.

LONG STORY SHORT: why not to take a control of the place you live in a.k.a your body? ­čśëEven small steps count. Always.

Thank you for reading and see you in next 'Fit State of Mind' contemplation series.

Sincerely and personally from me to You,

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Ruta


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