Don't Forget To LOVE Yourself

Early morning, twice snoozed the alarm, struggle to leave the comfortable bed, shower, breakfast for yourself, breakfast for the family, work, coffee break, work, dinner, training, family, late night, news, friends, midnight, sleep - this is the day of a mother.

Early morning, alarm, struggle to leave the bed and beautiful girlfriend, glass of water, morning run, shower, breakfast for me and girlfriend, work, break, lunch, work, girlfriend, work, training, dinner, girlfriend, sleep - this is a day of a physically active man.


Should we continue or will you continue yourself? How would your day look? Can you "break down" your daily life like a mother and active guy did?



The day hasn’t started yet, but you already have a plan for it. No one is hungry yet, but you’re already preparing lunch. Your working day is over, but you still work. You are out of energy, but you get yourself together and go to training! This is real daily life. By breaking it down its value is taken away. Disappears caring, disappears effort and the person disappears in the simple routine.


It may seem strange, but we sometimes FORGET OURSELVES in our daily life. By taking care of a family, a house, a dog or a cat, passionately fulfilling our training goals, helping colleagues and supporting the employer, we do a fantastic job and invest all our time without asking for anything in return.


If someone makes us coffee, we say thank you.

If we fall and someone helps us to get up, we say thank you.

If someone listens, supports and takes care of us, we feel deep gratitude and we express it with an already mentioned phrase - thank you!

The phrase "thank you" costs nothing, but it’s worth more than the most expensive product which may be bought with money

Our daily life is filled with the usual good deeds which we do for ourselves and others, but why do we forget to thank ourselves? Cannot disagree that it’s not quite usual to say thank you to ourselves out loud in public. In fact, we better shouldn't talk to ourselves out loud when others can hear it. Imagine what would happen if we all thanked ourselves out loud in public doing basic daily functions (giggle)?


And now, quite frankly, we don't need to prove anything to ourselves. We don’t need a loud thank you, because WE are that THANK YOU who creates countlessly noticeable and unnoticed daily deeds. You may ask, why don’t let to be forgotten by yourself? Because you can be the best version of yourself only when you love yourself. To love yourself means to thank yourself, to respect yourself and to appreciate yourself. It doesn't take an enormous amount of time. One minute is enough to become a better version of ourselves day by day. 

Once a day, take a minute to think about what you feel gratitude to yourself, and always repeat things that you appreciate in yourself. It can be anything - creativity, a sense of responsibility, courage in stressful situations, tolerance for others, but all these qualities make us who we are and we must love ourselves for it. And once a day, admit that you respect yourself for who you are.

Remember, you are at the right moment and place. The choices you make and the decisions you take are the results of what you have now. Your daily life is who you are, so don't forget to love yourself and thank yourself for it!

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