Headline says it all, right?! It always, and especially on the weekends, sounds really tempting and ready to jump in 8 out of 10 times!

This 'relax & chill moment' does not need to be filled with unhealthy snacks - if more planned, it can also be great and useful nutrition-wise (quality protein, carbs and fats sources).

We always hear about fruits, nuts and vegetables, BUT! TRUST US...It's not always only about these and so much more diversity is possible to satisfy your taste buds!


Let's jump to the actual list of...

SALTY snacks & combinations: 

  • Low fat cheese (under 15% fat, is rich in protein, for example: mozarella or regular) + cherry tomatoe + basil pesto or fresh leaf => all-in-one on the toothpick
  • Sauces & Dips: hummus, pesto, guacamole. Low-fat sour cream, low-fat cream cheese, Greek or natural / no-added flavouring yogurt + salt-garlic-dill or Chips-dip ready flavouring.
  • Full-corn chips (rye-bread, corn, oat crisps, added (or no-added) flavouring rice-cakes (cheese, sour-cream&onion, sea-salt) etc)
  • Ready frozen pizza base + chosen toppings (you will avoid unneccassery fat) of your choice: low fat cheese, chicken filee, tomatoe sauce etc.



  • Red-bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, carrots, fresh or marinated cucumber, cauli-flower, celery sticks  (all of these are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G together with Dips/sauces)
  • Kale chips (baked in oven with olive oil + salt)
  • Fresh or dried, unsalted nuts
  • Fresh or frozen berries - amazing with protein pudding
  • all kinds or fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, pineapple etc) - amazing with protein pudding
  • SKYR or Greek style yogurt (increased protein amount) 



  • protein puddings (mm, caramel and chocolate😏)
  • protein ice-creams
  • protein bars
  • Finger food to avoid candies: home-made Granola (made of oats, honey etc)
  • cottage cheese + cinnamon + 🍏 apple slices + honey (optional)


Hopefully some of the food felt tempting enough!😏


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