A MOMENT FOR YOURSELF - Physical and Mental Need! Do You Agree?

The month of love makes us do crazy things. In the name of love, we can become whatever we want and get ready to make a romantic surprise - both those who have been married for many years and those who have just begun their relationship, as well as those who ONLY TEMPORARILY walk alone. 

February is one of the months when you can definitely stop spending money on Valentine's Day gifts, giving yourself as a gift instead. Of course, that's why we all want to be in great shape and it doesn't matter for ourselves, for our loved ones or to make a good impression on a potential lover.


While plenty of attention gets physical fitness, what of course is very good, because a healthy body is not only meant for the joys of February but also helps to avoid various illnesses and feel energetic regardless of our age, mental health is often left at the bottom of the list.


How often do you ignore the signals that your brain sends you?

How many times have you felt anxiety taking over you in the middle of the workday, but you ignored it and kept working diligently?

One, two, many?


Mental health is just as important as physical fitness and we should remember it more often. By taking care of the mind as well as the physical body, we can find the perfect balance between our external and internal strength and DOUBLE STRENGTH GUARANTEE DOUBLE EFFORT!

Taking care of your mind doesn’t mean training for the “brain Olympics” and participating in erudite competitions every day. IQ tests are also not mandatory. Frankly, we are caring about mental health by doing very basic daily things. Sometimes, we don't even pay attention to the fact that a particular evening ritual actually relaxes our minds, thus taking care of our mental health on a daily basis. For example, reading, beauty treatments, cooking or even watching a TV series.


It's no secret that by keeping our body in shape we also keep in shape the mind. Physical activity increases the flow of oxygen to our brain, increasing the number of endorphins and providing well-being feeling.

The connection between body and mind is the key to unimaginable results. For example, exercising every night can help you avoid depression and get a more positive outlook on life. Mental training, such as memory training, may increase our ability to reason more effectively and to solve various problems more quickly. 


We all know what it means to be tired after a long day of work when you want to fall into bed and close your eyes. At the moment when it happens, our body is ready to go to rest, but our mind says --> N-O  W-A-Y <--!

What do you do if your mind doesn’t go to sleep? 

The mind is not a device that can be turned on and off whenever we want to. We need to learn to treat our mental health properly to avoid overworking and sleepless nights. Of course, it is easier to say than do (believe us, we know), so on nights where the eyes are wide open and the body is already asleep, try a visualization. Think of something other than daily worries. For example, imagine what gives you emotional well-being. It will help your mind to relax from an active routine and go into sleep mode.


Keeping mental fitness in shape is not as difficult as doing strength training in the gym, but you NEED TO FIND A TIME FOR IT. As we already mentioned, it can be the most basic daily ritual with notice that it should be relaxing.

Each of us has our own way to relax, but we've put together a few of the most popular ways how to take care of our mental health:

CREATIVE ACTIVITIES: Being creative doesn’t mean grabbing a brush and painting. You can be creative by visualizing what you want and thinking, how to achieve it.

TIME FOR YOURSELF: As we said at the beginning, devoting time to yourself is vital, but 30 minutes a day will be enough to refresh your mind. For example, you can just relax with your eyes closed or watch a light comedy series.

EDUCATION: Reading, getting new experience, playing games are probably the most joyful ways to relax our minds. Try to read a couple of pages of interesting material every three days. (Yes, long Facebook posts also count!)

Once a week you can organize a game night with friends or make game night Online and although it’s not safe to travel at the moment, you can always travel in a world of new experiences - food (recommended - healthy), drinks (also recommended - healthy), products, clothes and many other experiences how to make everyday life different by giving the mind a break from routine.

EMOTIONAL FACTOR: Self-confidence, satisfaction and self-respect will promote your mental health, so don’t forget to love yourself.

!!! And remember, you don't have to be perfect. Negative emotions also make an impact on our mental health, but we are able to change it!

It’s not so hard to keep in shape both physical and mental strength. It only takes a few minutes a day of your precious time.

You will succeed, just take an action and keep going!

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