How To Build COURAGE And Overcome FEAR?


Over the centuries, courage has followed great people by creating important events. Courage was the fundament of newly built cities, invincible empires, and significant discoveries. But will you agree that in today's world, the power of courage hides under anonymous comments on the Internet, the judgment of strangers, and exaggerated private conversations?

Does that mean we have lost our courage..?

NO! Courage hasn’t gone anywhere. It just hides, but that is the reason why we are giving up to the fears that make us do things we are not proud of. 

 JANUARY is a SPECIAL MONTH when our positive qualities work in double, so we will share how to overcome the strongest fears, insecurities, and make our courage to work harder

First things first 

What does courage mean to you?

How often can you remember situations where courage was the deciding moment in doing what literally pushes you out of your daily comfort zone?

Moment - now or never, it takes a lot of effort from us. For example, to defend the seller from a dissatisfied customer in a local store, to apply for the first marathon, or even to start a mental fight with oneself for that hellishly delicious bar of chocolate. These examples shake our inner comfort, but at the same time make us feel very uplifted.


We tend to blame ourselves for feeling fear, for example, before the start of a competition or important exam, and we aren’t saved even by the fact that we have prepared for it more than we can. Having spent sleepless nights studying, or devoting time from morning to evening to countless workouts – cannot help us to avoid fear, but remember that BRAVE IS NOT THAT WHO DOES NOT FEEL AFRAID, BUT THAT WHO, DESPITE  FEAR, CONTROLS ONESELF AND CONTINUES THE WAY TO THE RESULT. Fear is an absolutely normal reaction when we feel stressed. Who hasn't felt that awful feeling - “LET-IT-BE-OVER-SOON”?


It may sound too outstanding, but it all depends on our choice.

In the psychology of sports, it's said that a person's choice to give in to courage or fear depends on experience. Negative past experiences, such as injuries, failures naturally make us feel afraid, while positive experiences arouse our interest. Only we can "knockout our fear" by choosing to fight for a better experience and overcoming that  "I'm afraid" feeling. 



Just get yourself together and do it. Stop giving up to fear and deceiving yourself by defending with useless excuses. Sitting at home and thinking, "If I had tried, I could ...", is NOT an option.


YES, you may get burned, but we all learn from mistakes and next time you can do differently, you can do better!


The ancient Greek philosopher Xenophon has said:

"Brave man knows about the impending danger, but still does not move away from the path."

Can you recall the moment when, despite your greatest fears, you didn’t give up and continued to move on your path? What was THAT, what helped you overcome yourself

Always remember that you may make mistakes and not everything will work out.  Focus on the resultDo everything possible “to knockout a  fear” and courage will put fear aside. (Believe us!)

And what is most important in the end? To show courage or overcome a fear?

Neither fear and courage seeks recognition and expects admiration. The most important is the result and your accomplishment. Whether it's your first victory in a race or your first training in the gym - it’s your victory. So get your fear behind and pave the way for courage - here it comes!

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