5 Hot Weather Hacks to Stay Active

Summer months are usually a time when you can easily increase your activity level by spending more time outdoors with activities like hiking, swimming, cycling. But, as the temperature rises, heat can bring its challenges and even pose some dangers.

Here are your 5 tips to make sure you stay safe and active even on the hottest days.

#1 Choose your gear wisely

Wearing cotton t-shirts and spandex leggings aren’t the best options for hot weather since they trap heat and sweat. Instead, invest in light-colored shirts, tank tops and shorts made of moisture-wicking materials designed for exercising outdoors in extreme temperatures. These items keep your skin dry, make you feel cooler, and are more comfortable.

#2 Use mornings or late evenings

Due to the rising temperatures during midday, it's easy to see why the early morning and late-evening hours are better choices for exercise. Getting in your workout first thing in the morning also makes it less likely you skip your physical activities altogether. What’s more, exercising early in the day can also help boost your metabolism while an evening walk can aid digestion.

#3 Find shade

Not all of us are blessed with shady trees in our neighbourhoods, which is why it’s always a good idea to wear lighter colors in summer and use high SPF sunscreen. While you might have to drive to get there, find a place that has some shade and avoid direct sunlight. If you can get away from the asphalt (which absorbs and holds heat), that’s even better. Walking in the forest, up and down the hills will also burn more calories, win-win.

#4 Take your water seriously

If you plan to walk more than 30 minutes, you MUST have some water with you. It is crucial to stay well hydrated throughout the day. It will help your overall health, performance and weight-loss goals. Drinks with electrolytes and minerals are also good for replenishing minerals that are lost via sweat.

#5 Split up your workouts / cardio sessions

If you’re into long-distance walking, getting in all of your steps at once can be a challenge. Instead of suffering through a two-hour walk in extreme heat, consider breaking it up and walking half the distance in the morning and the other half in the evening. Or, you can split up your workout in multiple sessions, one outdoors and the other one indoors.


We hope these tips will help you to stay active and safe during the warmest periods of the year. For more information check us out on social media

MyEMS Fitness Team 



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