3 Tips to Stay in Shape When Traveling

Are you traveling somewhere this summer? Or maybe just taking a well-deserved time off and lifting your foot off the gas pedal a bit and relaxing. 

Here’s how to stay in shape without stressing over losing all your progress during your days off. 

Whether you’re planning a beach vacay, mountain getaway or even a staycation in your own backyard, it’s normal to feel stressed about deviating from your diet and exercise routine. But taking this step can be one of the healthiest things you could do. It will reduce stress, which in turn is beneficial for blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Fun fact: even knowing that a vacation is coming up can make you feel less stressed.

So now’s the time to start planning that summer holiday. What are our best tips?

#1 Keep it simple.

Staying in shape means not losing muscle, so it’s great if you can get in a few workouts a week. As for food, make sure you get some protein first at every meal so you don’t overeat.

Protein usually helps with hunger. Think about it. How many chicken breasts can you eat vs how many donuts you can eat?

With that said, if there is a place where donuts fit in, it’s definitely your vacation. Enjoy life too, don’t be too strict on yourself.

#2 Schedule it.

The biggest challenge usually is to control your schedule and environment. Often the best plans are thrown out the window.

One of the best solutions is to exercise immediately after waking up. This way you can ensure you get a workout in and no matter how your day goes, you have done your workout. When on vacation, remember that your main goal is not progressing, but rather not regressing.

Even a 30-minute workout every day can help you stay where you’re at and prevent backsliding.

#3 Prepare for it.

Resistance bands are great because they allow you to train every single muscle in the body. Depending on where you travel, protein powder might be a good option, too, especially if you’re traveling in a country or region where it’s tough to find lean protein sources.

Are you ready for your next getaway? Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. You can always reach out to us and we will help you.

Enjoy your vacation!

MyEMS Fitness Online team


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