How to NOT get lost in information overload (and not give up)?

Now when it comes to the information regarding fitness, you can always find some valuable sources to get the knowledge from. On the other hand, there is always some overwhelming or misleading information flow which may sound as it is the only way, - that you’re doing it wrong or you are wasting your time doing some certain thing.

But now let’s take a step back and hold on for a second. You DO NOT waste anything if you try to achieve something! The only one who wastes time might be the person next to you telling that..or the article you have opened might have some false information. And it is completely fine. It is occurring in completely every sphere you can imagine. Now the proper question here is – how do we know when and who we can trust? Can we actually..?

Should we do that at all, considering, that the greatest part of the internet is a lie and people with just a basic training background are not able to deliver the actual information based on scientific evidence?

Now most common thing people like to do, is suck up some parts of actual stories told many times and deliver self-customized information, just because they have heard it, read it or dreamed about it. And it’s great that people share their stories or their experience. But you can be smarter.

First of all, learn to criticize the information around you. Accept that it might not be the one you’re searching for. Accept that it might work for someone else, but might not be the choice for you. Accept the difference between the topics, because there are so many of them.

Let's sum up - what do we get from this? So imagine there’s training program available for everyone. Jasmine is going great, have lost 10kg of weight, feels happy and most importantly, has achieved something big, some would say. And it really is a huge thing for Jasmine! But then when you do it, scale seems to be stuck just at the same number, might be even more. Perhaps your nutrition is not on point or fluctuating hormone levels, or something else is slowing progress down. But it might be as well that Jasmine is not telling you everything just because she does not understand programming and how the human body works when it comes to working out and how different life circumstances affect reaching goals.

We all are different. Her program might work for her, but something else might be better for your body and needs. And you should accept that. But there is no way you should think she is more successful than you are!  She is a completely different person with a completely different program.

Same thing is with the internet. There are so many articles about fitness and well-being. There are so many ways around each fitness (or what-so-ever) goal, that it is completely fine to get lost. Consider that part of it is useful and other part - is just not. And yes, it is completely fine not to know everything.

Remember that you can always ask a professional.  If you did not have one before, now you do. And a bunch of them over here! 


Thank you for your time reading this and see you in next post! 

MyEMS Fitness Online Team

Instructor Edijs


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